zaterdag 11 september 2010


Are you bored?
What do you do when you're getting bored?
Do you get headaches when you're bored?

I'm bored and I hate it.
I have to write all kinds of articles for school. Some are really fun, like how my trip from the busstation to my school was, and what I saw.
But some are horrible, like: follow someone at a town council and ask him what kind of job he has, what that involves etc.

Got some new earphones!

new ring

my hand looks thin and really fo-ree-kee

new agenda

new necklace

and some new films for my olypmus analog camera (:
I brought the first film in and I can pick them up at wednesday, so I'm pretty excited =D It was an old polaroidfilm, so I dunno if they will look allright, but we'll see on wednesday!

have a lovely saturday.
xox Annet

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