maandag 8 november 2010

found this

she's awesome and you should check her and her grando giveaway out!

more later!

xo, annet

zondag 31 oktober 2010

Happy Halloween, baby

Okay, I know.
I'm too late posting this halloween thing, but I just wanted to share.
My friend made this with some kind of an editprogram or so

maandag 25 oktober 2010

things and stuff


I think I'll make a 'favourite-list' for you today:

1: knifty knitter
You like knitting?
check this out:

I loooove it and want to get a couple of those loops.

2: kittyhat-thing

I believe I found this at topshop or asos.

3: paint-chip wall

I don't know the source, if anyone finds it please tell me.
I found it at

4: Fall Out Boy
I've known them for ages, but I recently started to listen to their music again! : D
Songs I like best:
The carpal tunnel of love
A little less sixteen candles, a little more 'touch me'
Homesick at spacecamp
Chicago is so two years ago
Yule shoot your eye out

A favourites list in a favourites list:p

5: lookbook
Okay, you probably all know the site allready, but I like it so much!!

6: tictac

7: my new hairconditioner

It was cheap, it smells real nice and my hair got quite soft too.

8: farmville on facebook
I know, supercheezy.

9: Kanye West

10: this

I found it somewhere on tumblr, source is unknown.
If you know the source, please tell, so the girl gets credits for her superawesomehardcoretattoo

I guess this was it for now!


vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

okay, seriously

I'm sorry I am such a horrible blogger.

It's quite late down here in Holland. it's one o'clock in the night/morning, but I simply can't sleep and I wanted to do a bit of schoolwork done.

you wonder how I look right now?
this is how:


ohman, i wanna sleep!

This is no spam, this is awesome

Check her out, sh├ęs awesomeeee

zaterdag 11 september 2010


Are you bored?
What do you do when you're getting bored?
Do you get headaches when you're bored?

I'm bored and I hate it.
I have to write all kinds of articles for school. Some are really fun, like how my trip from the busstation to my school was, and what I saw.
But some are horrible, like: follow someone at a town council and ask him what kind of job he has, what that involves etc.

Got some new earphones!

new ring

my hand looks thin and really fo-ree-kee

new agenda

new necklace

and some new films for my olypmus analog camera (:
I brought the first film in and I can pick them up at wednesday, so I'm pretty excited =D It was an old polaroidfilm, so I dunno if they will look allright, but we'll see on wednesday!

have a lovely saturday.
xox Annet

dinsdag 7 september 2010

long time

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, it's been a horrible long time.
anyway, I'm quite busy at the moment. I just started school. a whole new one!
It's a journalism-school, so I hope to improve my writingskills.
short update.

zondag 29 augustus 2010

weather, knitting and such

Yeah, I started knitting!!
My mom was superexcited and I think she'll start knitting again. I hope so, because she's sooo good at it =D
Mine doens't look very well though, haha, but this is just a bit of practice before I really start making my scarf.
i'll keep you up to date about that.

Tomorrowmorning I'll be leaving for the introductiondays.
I first have to go from Heerenveen to Zwolle by train and then I'll get a rental bike to cycle to school where we will be gathering to cycle to our residence.
The only problem: It's raining cats and dogs, so I hope tomorrow will bring some nice weather [at least no rain]...

have a nice week, I'll be blogging second or third of september!
xox, Annet

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010



my mom wanted to throw this lovely mug in the bin:

don't think so mom!

xo, Annet


this is the fourth time I'm trying to post a Saturdays Fav, but every time I'm almost finished with my, possibly longest, blog the computer goes nuts and clears the page so all the typing and photouploads are gone!

sorry about that.

well what I wanted to share today are a couple of things:

1. the websites I visit on a daily basis:
She's amazing and inspires me.
same story! I just found out about her blog though, so I'm a newby follower ;)
I checked the site today, it doesn't work, so that's pretty weird.
Normally there's an update a day (:
wouldn't it be great to get one of the combo packs?!
my personal favourite is the Holga 135, to start with ;P
grand dutch vintage site (:
the cool hunter is really up to date with all kinds of things like art, music, fashion and technology.
this is why I love the site:

so cuuuuuuute <3

I like the concept and sent a couple postcards and received a few too. It's lovely to just open the mailbox and find a postcard from a stranger that took the time to search for a postcard you like, write something on it and bring it to the mailbox.
hihi, don't you love it?

some things that are on my mind lately:

I can't wait for the fallseason to come.
The leaves will get all pretty and colourfull [which means, alot of nice pictures can be taken], we all can wear scarves, gloves, jackets, vests, boots and socks (:
I really want to knit a couple or at least one big scarf (: so I'll probably start as soon as my mom arrives home, so she can help me get started (:

waiiiiiit, I heard the door close, that must me mommy (:

what've you been upto lately?

xox, Annet

ps. i won't be blogging between 30th of august and 2nd of september, there's an introductionweek for all firstyear students of the journalismstudy I'll be visiting, since I don't no a single person in that school, I thought by myself it might be smart to get a little introduction (:

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Lowlands and more..

Just wanted a quick update about the Lowlands festival.
here's an impression:

It was lovely and we all had a great time with friends, music, alot of people and alot of streetstyle.

Eline [a friend of mine] and I Bought tickets to the Angus and Julia Stone- concert in Melkweg- Amsterdam, and we're superexcited =D

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010


It's my springbreak, but all I did was working.
I've been working for nine weeks now, but today was my last day.
tomorrow is a day off, then on thursday I'll visit a grand musicfestival in Biddinghuizen, Holland.
It's called Lowlands.
The line-up is quite nice: Snow Patrol, Blink 182, NOFX, Queens of the Stoneage, Mumford and Sons etc.
Let's hope the weather gets better, It's raining cats and dogs at the moment.

I bought a polaroid camera online, and it's so lovely:

by the way:
I -heart Cocorosie.

xoxo Annet.

maandag 16 augustus 2010


Hi thereee!

Here's just a random kinda blog from me,
I wanted to share my 'new look' with you:
It's Annet aka Hippie:
What do you think?

I also wanted to share this picture with you guys.
I absolutely adore these clothes and tattoo.
the trousers are really nice.
I hope to find these kind of trousers in my mothers closet. I'll take a look in a minute.

xox Annet

dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

love is deadly

and this just feels so bad
and this just feels so wrong
and this just can't be true
and this just can't be right
and I don't even want to fight
and I don't even want to cry
Maybe this love had to die
Maybe I'll have to fly
but what if I choose not
I won't ever forget it
or regret it
what we thought would bring us closer
has driven us apart
red alert
red alert
i cannot discribe how this hurts
i cannot discribe how this turns
into something we both don't like
your regrets
multiply my tears
and my fears
only grow bigger
now i know
what you want
is not my
I know
but I don't want to
your name's carved in my heart
my name's a flower in your room
when it dies, you throw it away.
without mentioning or heartache
no second thoughts or doubt
there's nothing as deadly as love.