zondag 29 augustus 2010

weather, knitting and such

Yeah, I started knitting!!
My mom was superexcited and I think she'll start knitting again. I hope so, because she's sooo good at it =D
Mine doens't look very well though, haha, but this is just a bit of practice before I really start making my scarf.
i'll keep you up to date about that.

Tomorrowmorning I'll be leaving for the introductiondays.
I first have to go from Heerenveen to Zwolle by train and then I'll get a rental bike to cycle to school where we will be gathering to cycle to our residence.
The only problem: It's raining cats and dogs, so I hope tomorrow will bring some nice weather [at least no rain]...

have a nice week, I'll be blogging second or third of september!
xox, Annet

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