zaterdag 28 augustus 2010


this is the fourth time I'm trying to post a Saturdays Fav, but every time I'm almost finished with my, possibly longest, blog the computer goes nuts and clears the page so all the typing and photouploads are gone!

sorry about that.

well what I wanted to share today are a couple of things:

1. the websites I visit on a daily basis:
She's amazing and inspires me.
same story! I just found out about her blog though, so I'm a newby follower ;)
I checked the site today, it doesn't work, so that's pretty weird.
Normally there's an update a day (:
wouldn't it be great to get one of the combo packs?!
my personal favourite is the Holga 135, to start with ;P
grand dutch vintage site (:
the cool hunter is really up to date with all kinds of things like art, music, fashion and technology.
this is why I love the site:

so cuuuuuuute <3

I like the concept and sent a couple postcards and received a few too. It's lovely to just open the mailbox and find a postcard from a stranger that took the time to search for a postcard you like, write something on it and bring it to the mailbox.
hihi, don't you love it?

some things that are on my mind lately:

I can't wait for the fallseason to come.
The leaves will get all pretty and colourfull [which means, alot of nice pictures can be taken], we all can wear scarves, gloves, jackets, vests, boots and socks (:
I really want to knit a couple or at least one big scarf (: so I'll probably start as soon as my mom arrives home, so she can help me get started (:

waiiiiiit, I heard the door close, that must me mommy (:

what've you been upto lately?

xox, Annet

ps. i won't be blogging between 30th of august and 2nd of september, there's an introductionweek for all firstyear students of the journalismstudy I'll be visiting, since I don't no a single person in that school, I thought by myself it might be smart to get a little introduction (:

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