dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

update deux!

Nog 54 thins to do!

the list:
1C5x surfing [1/5]
2get at least one piercing
3get a beautiful clock
4get a surgery for my bellybutton
5Vwrite a song
6Cbecome a better cook
7sleep under the stars
8watch the sunset on a beach
9Vbuy a better camera
10buy killerheels
11Cstart saving money, at least 400 euro.
12get a cute pet
13Cbe happy
14try martial art
15go to a motor racing event [and check out Valentino Rossi ofcourse..]
16Cgo to at least 10 concerts [5-10]
17Vstart a diary [for at least 2 months]
19Vhave a manicure
20Vlose weight
21 try yoga
22Cdesign 4 tattoos for other people [3/4]
23VHelp your elderly neighbours with their housework
25 go to Ireland with Sanne
26 buy my own place to live
27 visit the UK again
28Vgo on a citytrip in my own country
29Vplay my guitar more often
30Clearn how to play my harmonica
31Vtake photos of my family, friends and pet
32Veat sushi
33 sent 5 spontanious postcards to people I love.
34 buy a complete outfit in a secondhand store
35 buy a goldfish
36Vbuy tunnels [earrings]
37Vsmile to 30 people you don't know [30/30]
38 go to London by plane
39 go to Lowlands
40 sleep at sea
41Cspray grafitti
42Vbuy expensive makeup
43Vkiss in the rain
44 get my driverslicense
45 buy the movie: the pacifier
46Vgrow a plant
47Cimprove my drawingskills
48Vfall in love
49 ask people on the streets to photograph them
51Vwatch lord of the rings 1,2,3
52Vgo to the cinema
53Vdesign my own tattoos
54 and get them inked
55Vget a book of the life of MJ
56Vbuy 10 cds
57 get a cool job
58 set up plans to move to England or America
59 develope my own photos in a darkroom
60 get to know at least 1 of my teachers
61Vmake 4 new friends
62Csuceed in something I started
63 make something out of wood
64 get a cheap table and make it beautiful again by painting etc.
65 buy a boedha for 2 friends
66Vorder a pizza
67 go out to diner by myself
68Vflirt with someone you don't know
69 buy a photoalbum and get it full of photos you like, but no photos of yourself
70Vgo outside and lie on the grass
71Vgo picknick in a park
72Csearch a favorite artist
73Vtalk to 30 strangers
74Vbake cookies
75 learn how to knit
76 and knit your own scarf
77 and one for your dearest friend
78Vget a pushup bra
79Vwrite a story
80 go to a footballmatch
81 visit scandinavia
82Veat ben en jerrys icecream
83Veat australian icecream
84 drink coffee in a very expensive restaurant
85Vdon't smoke for 1 week 4X [4/4] I don’t smoke at all!
86Vget in touch with a tattoo artist
87 and interview the artist
88Vclimb a tree
89Vdon't buy food at Kentucky fried chicken or Mcdonalds/Burgerking
90 get a shirt/ jumper with my own text on it
91Vdon't eat for 5 hours
92Vmake my own earplugs
93Vbuy a notebook and draw/ write things in
94 watch disneyfilms with my 2 dearest all day long
95Cmake a moodboard for my new room
96Vtravel by train
97Vsave an animal [even if it's a bug]
98Vwatch the new Harry Potter
99Vget a bandshirt
100Vget drunk and still behave
101 get a blackdress


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